CUHK Proposes the Implementation of a Sustainable Public-Private-Partnership Model to Promote Community-based Integrated Diabetes Care

Research shows that diabetes patients cared for in a public-private-partnership are at 50% less risk than in standard public health care. A research team led by Prof. Juliana Chan, Director of Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has recently analysed the outcomes of 16,670 patients with diabetes in three care settings to evaluate the impact of a public-private-partnership model to improve diabetes care in the community. Research findings show that patients who were followed up on by their respective community doctors with yearly assessment and a personalized report using the web-based Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation (JADE) technology at the CUHK Yao Chung Kit Diabetes Assessment Centre, had 50% lower risk of hospitalization, critical illness and death rates than under standard care in the public setting. This research is funded by the HKSAR Government Central Policy Unit’s Public Policy Research Funding Scheme. For more information, please click here.