DIAMOND - Study Design

A randomized controlled open study to assess the effectiveness and acceptability of the China-JD program in Chinese type 2 diabetic patients.
A study of 18 months
All personnel including doctors, nurses and Health Care Assisstant (HCA) will be trained and a case report form (CRF) will be used to capture data during comprehensive assessment (CA) and follow up (FU) visits as appropriate.
Under the supervision of the doctor, the nurse and HCA will explain to the patients the need to use a team to deliver structured care and empower self management.
With written informed consent, the nurse will perform the CA using structured protocols in all patients at baseline and 12 month. The HCA will help with simple procedures (e.g. anthropometric measurements, visual acuity, blood pressure measurement using electronic devices, collecting urine samples) and entering data.
There will be a 6-month recruitment period plus another 12-month of follow-up.
The data will be analysed at one year with the possibility of further extension to evaluate the effects of the program on clinical outcomes.


For more information on this research project please refer to the clinicaltrials.gov website below: