RUBY Program 2
Risk Understanding By Yourself for Diabetic Complications
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Supported by the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office

An assessment tool developed by the Asia Diabetes Foundation ( supported by the Chinese University of Hong Kong the the World Health Organization in response to the Western Pacific Declaration for Diabetes (

People with diabetes are recommended to undergo a comprehensive assessment at diagnosis to detect risk factors and complications and every 18-24 months thereafter.

These data will help your care team to formulate treatment plan in order to attain treatment targets and reduce risks of complications in the future.

If you are a non-health care professional, please discuss with your health care team on how to collect and interpret these data.


The procedures and definitions for risk factors and diabetic complications in the assessment tool are based on international recommendations which serve as clinical guides and are subject to modification by the care providers. Users of this program should discuss with their care providers regarding the risk levels, treatment targets and management plans. Aside from this website, please visit, for more reference materials.

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